Languages: English
Experience: 13 years
Hello My Name is James Pollard
My love for fishing started when I was six years when my father first took me fishing. Since that day I was hooked and always in search for the next great catch! However, as I grew older even at a young age what became my passion was teaching and helping others in there quest for the next great catch! For me its about passing on the knowledge that I was taught and the knowledge of what I have learned and continue to learn about fishing. Fishing is about making memories!
I have everything you need to go fishing. All licenses needed, bait, fishing gear, shade, and bottled water. If you choose to take some fish home for dinner, I will filet your catch for you. Yes, this is a fishing trip but also an experience on the beautiful waters of the Tampa Bay region.
I love lite tackle fishing, but I'm not afraid to bring the heat! I am very versatile when it comes to targeting different species depending on the season. I will target everything from large sharks and Goliath grouper to tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, cobia, and Mackerel. Live bait is the way to go, feed them them what they eat!

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