Frequently Asked Questions from Guides

What is is a website for booking fishing and other adventures starting in Florida and spreading throughout the US! We are owned by outdoorsmen and fishermen who have had both good and bad experiences working with guides in the past. We built this site to ensure that the best guides have access to lots of customers so that they can concentrate on what they do and not have to worry about online advertising and finding customers.

How does work with captains and guides?

If you're a charter guide, we'll advertise your business on Google, Bing, Instagram, Facebook, and other online platforms absolutely for free. We will also write an SEO-friendly description of your guide service and recommend your business to our customers.

You have full control over your prices and availability - it's easy to fit the customers we send you into your regular client schedule.

Once a customer requests to book a trip with you, you'll be notified with an email, text message, and Captain App notification. If you accept the booking, you'll get direct contact with each customer so you can work out any fishing trip details.

What commission rate does charge For booking charters? charges the lowest fee in the industry with a flat, fixed booking rate of 10% of the trip total. There are no other costs that guides need to pay and there is no fee to list your guide services on our website.

How Do Customers Pay?

At time of booking, the customer pays 10% of the trip total through On the day of the trip, the customer will pay you the 90% balance cost of the trip.

How do I get paid for each booking?

When customers show up on the day of the trip, they are responsible to pay you the remaining 90% fee of the trip. We also recommend to customers to pay you a tip of 15-20% if they have a good experience with you.

How do I edit my listing or add/delete photos?

To edit your listing, trip, or add photos/videos, go to and click on the ?login? menu item on the top right side of the homepage. Put in your email address and your password and then you can edit any section on the guide portal.

How do I manage my calendar?

You can access your calendar for each of your trips by going to and click on the ?login? menu item on the top right side of the homepage. Click on each of your trips under your listing and update the calendar section for each trip. This way customers can see what days you have available for them to book your various trips.

Does it cost me anything to list my charter on

Nothing. Listing your charter or fishing business with is free.

How do I get listed on was created to use our team's online marketing expertise to bring you more web-based customers. It only takes three easy steps to get started:

    Create a profile
  • Add your listing(s)
  • Add trips and pricing ? your charter is then listed and ready to be promoted.
The more detail you put into your listing, such as species of fish, inshore on nearshore, fishing methods, and intriguing things about your guide service, the more you will show up in customer's searches and the more bookings you will get. In addition, the higher your customers rate your service, the higher up you will show in searches on the website.

What is "instant booking?"

When you are creating your trips, you will have the option to set certain trips for "Instant Booking". This means that when a customer selects the option to Instant Book, you won't receive a "Booking Request". The customer's reservation will automatically populate your calendar for the duration of the trip, making that time slot unavailable for other customers.

How do I sign up for "instant booking?"

In order to be able to set your offered trips to "Instant Book", you have to make sure your calendar is up-to-date and accurate so that customers know the date they select is open and available. They won't have to wait 24 hours to know that the trip is approved.

How are my listings prioritized and ranked within

At we don't believe in a "pay-to-play" system, which is prevalent with other websites. Instead, you earn higher listing placement simply by booking more trips on and by having high customer ratings. Our algorithm rewards those who contribute more value to their profiles, keeps their calendars updated, and receives positive customer ratings.

Why does ask for my credentials and boat registration/insurance information? is dedicated to ensuring that their customers are booking trips with credentialled guides to make sure they have the best possible experience when booking a trip through us. We know there are several guides out there who are not qualified or credentialled to take people out on fishing trips. We only work with those guides who do.

How does handle cancellations and refunds?

As a trip provider you select what cancellation policy works best for your business. This is displayed on your profile page for customers to see before they ever book a trip and is included in their confirmation email. If a customer cancels within the guidelines you have set and is eligible for a refund, we will refund their deposit back to them.

If as a trip provider you need to cancel a trip, you need to contact immediately so that we can follow up with the customer and find an alternate guide for their trip. Repeated cancellations on the part of the guide may result in that guide showing up lower in search criteria and could hurt the amount of business they get in the future.

A great way to avoid cancelling your trip is by referring it to a trusted partner of yours. As the original "booked" trip provider, you are responsible for the referred captain/guide's performance, meaning that any negative reviews will not only affect them, but you as well. You are also responsible to make sure the customer pays the rate and gets the trip that they agreed to when they booked the service through

If you need to cancel a trip due to the weather, it is your responsibility as a trip provider to be in contact with your customer and let them know that the trip will be cancelled. If the weather is looking suspect the night before the trip, be sure to be in contact with your customer so they know what is going on. If, on the day of the trip, the weather is still dangerous, you have every right to cancel the trip. We will refund the customer's deposit when we hear from you.

Is based in the United States?

Yes, we are. And is owned and run by sportsmen who have been on several fishing trips with guides, so we understand your needs! Feel free to call us and let us know how your trips are going and about your experience with the customers we bring to you - we would love to hear from you!

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