About the Gulf Coast and Southwest Florida

The Southwest Gulf Coast of Florida boasts a wide array of enticing and family friendly beaches, known for their sugary white sand, calm surf and quiet atmosphere. A favorite holiday destination, this coastline attracts not only for the locals, but visitors from all over the world. The region is studded with many coastal gems!

Historic downtown Fort Myers is home to educational attractions and museums, while Cape Coral has water sport activities aplenty! More than 100 islands off the west coast, in all shapes and sizes, are just waiting to be discovered. Vacationers spend most of their time here swimming, sunning, boating, and above all, fishing.

The pristine shores and waterways of South Florida provide exceptional sport fishing as well as birding, kayaking and guided walks along the beach. On calm days, the silence is absolute, occasionally broken by a night heron perched on a nearby tree or crashing of the snook as it hunts for mullet in the shallows of the mangrove roots.

Types of Fish Found in the Gulf Coast/Southwest Florida

The southwest region extends from Charlotte Harbor in the north to the Ten Thousand Islands in the south. People flock to these areas in large numbers because of the regions popularity as a fishing hot spot.

Saltwater fish: The thousands of miles of shoreline, oyster bars and acres of grass beds attract plenty of saltwater species. The four most sought after species in the area include snook, redfish, spotted seatrout and tarpon. These four fish are the primary target of thousands of anglers who dream of catching them in a single day and achieve a grand slam.

Offshore fishing on the reefs and wrecks leads to grouper, permit and cobia.
Fresh water fish: The three major canal systems, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral and Golden Gate which are a source of hundreds of miles of drainage canals which contain tons of fish. Certain areas in each system have boat ramps to fish from. These drainage canals are great for largemouth bass, which can be found year round, and panfish. Panfish may include bluegill, redear sunfish, catfish, mudfish and black crappie. Most of the large size bass can be caught in the winter months when they are actively feeding.

Ways to Fish on the Gulf Coast/Southwest Florida

To be successful in fishing, means to successfully navigate a series of decisions. Rod, lure bait, time etc the list is endless. Southwest Florida is real unique because of the amount of backcountry habitat and the region’s vast estuary network, which is ideal for inshore fishing.

Inshore fishing includes, casting from piers, beach or noat in near shore places, inlets or shallow estuaries. Commonly caught fish may include redfish, seatrout, snook and spanish mackerel. Offshore fishing techniques can be adopted at the swathes of open limestone bottom areas, shipwrecks, reefs,  both natural and artificial which attract goliath grouper, permit and cobia.

Gulf Coast/Southwest Florida Fishing Spots

Southwest Florida has some of the best inshore and offshore fishing on the planet. From pulling a permit from an offshore wreck to catching redfish in the waters of the Ten Thousand Islands, this system of fishing waters offers unending thrills. Having said that, you can’t just drop a line anywhere and hope for the best. Fishing here requires a little knowledge and know how about where to cast your line.

Gulf Coast/Southwest Florida Fishing Charters

Welcome to Southwest Florida’s number one fishing charter booking company, Guide Guru. We specialize in all types of charters, whether inshore or deep sea at the most affordable rates. We offer the very best in offshore sport fishing, saltwater fishing, corporate fishing or family fishing trips in Southwest Florida. All anglers are invited, including professionals, novices, children and handicapped fishermen. Split party charters on our tours can also be easily arranged.

Our vetted guides have been fishing these waters for years and will gladly pass on their fishing knowledge and skills to anyone that takes an interest.

People of all ages, irrespective of nationality and sex, are more than welcome to an adrenaline filled day in the sunny outdoors of southwest Florida. For a fishing experience like no other, contact us on our website and leave all your fishing woes to us. We promise you that you won’t regret it!

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