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St. Petersburg, FL – Ultimate Fishing Guide

Guide to Fishing St. Petersburg

Fishing in Florida is a great year-round sport throughout the state. That’s why so many anglers visit the Sunshine State to fish each year. One of the best places to enjoy fishing in Florida is in the west central part of the state. St. Petersburg, Florida is a fishing destination that offers adventure, deep sea and nearshore fishing.

Types of Fish in St. Petersburg

Fishing around St. Petersburg is at its finest with abundant tarpon, snook, trout, redfish and much more biting at most times. If you have never fished here, you are really in for a treat. Since the place has its own peninsula, fish can be caught just about anywhere and anytime. Just a mile out anglers can catch trout, redfish, Spanish mackerel, kingfish, and tarpon.

The Gulf of Mexico is often referred to as the grouper capital of the world. The abundant reefs and wrecks are excellent for red grouper, gag grouper, and Goliath grouper. Apart from these type of bottom fish, gray snapper, red snapper, and triggerfish can be caught. Surface trolling can land you king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, barracuda mahi-mahi and plenty of sharks.

During high tide, keep a look out along the mangrove shorelines for mullet as the dolphins invade the flats looking for easy meals. Redfish are also there in good numbers and can be found schooling with the mullets. Depending on the season, inshore fishing can get us snook, redfish, and tarpon, as they come inshore to feed and reproduce, particularly during the summer months.

Ways to Fish in St. Petersburg

Charter fishing is a popular way to fish in St. Petersburg. One can reach the deeper waters of the Gulf of Mexico within a couple of hours to land big grouper, snapper, and amberjack. Blackfin tuna can be found further ahead around 25 miles offshore.   

The Gulf of Mexico is also renowned for spear fishing as it has thousands of reefs hiding hogfish, grouper, snapper tropical fish and more. However, this method is limited to experienced divers who are adept at spear fishing.

For serious fishing, one can hire a charter and venture deep into the waters for the big trophies. Backwater fishing the mangroves and flats is very rewarding as well, as you are able to land most of the sought-after species.

St. Petersburg Fishing Charters

St. Petersburg mingles world class beaches with some amazing game fishing opportunities. In the fishing paradise of central Florida, Guide Guru is the one and only leading fishing charter company doing successful business in St. Petersburg and its surrounding areas. We have the best guides, who will pull out all the stops to try and ensure that each and every guest does not return empty handed. If you really want to experience St. Petersburg fishing at its finest, Guide Guru guided fishing charters keep you covered on all fronts, and will help you bag that trophy catch.

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