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With streets lined with palm trees, pastel-hued conch type houses and a laid back attitude, Key West—resting on the southernmost tip of Florida, remains a unique subtropical haven, complete with natural beauty, excellent climate, vivid history and a heady mixture of cultural diversity and unparalleled romantic appeal. Located 90 miles from Cuba, which incidentally is nearer than Miami, the island city of Key West is famous for both its water activities and beaches.

Key West is a vibrant city at all times. Locals and tourists have the option of sightseeing, diving, fishing and shopping during the daylight hours. As the sun starts to set over the Gulf of Mexico, the city erupts in a bevy of celebrations, ranging from jugglers, tightrope walkers and street side magicians, all doing their act in the fading light. With the onset of darkness, the pavements come alive with cafes, pubs, musicals and local theatre performances.

Significant sites to visit include an 1860 burial ground, the island’s historic seaport and the neighborhood Bahama village whose origins come from aroudn 1800 and was frequently visited by Ernest Hemingway during the 1930s to witness boxing bouts. With a population of roughly 25,000 people, the fascinating city of Key West offers a relief of contrasting options from the many hassles of the mainland, once you decide to embrace it.

Types of Fish in Key West

Key West offers the most diverse fishing opportunities compared to any other place in Florida. To find every different fish and give it a name will be a monumental task for any fishing enthusiast. The main species which are normally target depends upon the season, but are available at one time or the other. The inshore species can be divided into two categories, namely, flat fishing species which include tarpon, permit, bonefish, redfish, cobia, sharks and barracuda, while the backcountry species are similar to flats with a few extras, such as Spanish mackerel, trout, jack crevalle, bluefish and pompano. These are actually the sight fishing species we look out for on the flats, while the backcountry types can be targeted on the way back.

Some of the offshore varieties can also be divided into two sections, ones found on reefs and wrecks, like, yellow snapper, king mackerel, cero mackerel, bonito, permit, barracuda, cobia and sharks, while others are the deep sea additional species, which you can catch while trolling the deep blue waters, like sailfish, blackfin tuna and dolphin. The reefs and wrecks hold a tremendous potential for fish which are great to eat.

Remember to check on the fishing season to see which fish are active before you venture out on your Key West fishing trip.

Ways to Fish in Key West

It is commonly known that the flats of the Florida Keys provide for the best stage in the world to match the skills of the avid angler. This is the place where a fisherman’s dreams are made or shattered. The shallow water sight fishing for tarpon, permit, barracuda on the flats is done in traditional poling skiffs and bay boats, by standing on the bow and using fly and spin tackle. 

Backcountry fishing is another popular form of light tackle fishing with the Key West area forming a pinnacle with top class opportunities for bonefish, tarpon, redfish and snook. This is an easy laid back way to fish and is extremely popular with first timers as they are almost guaranteed of a sizable catch.

Kayak fishing and paddle board fishing excursions are increasing in popularity as they provide an environmentally friendly way to see the shallow waters from a new perspective. Not to mention the workout you get! There are numerous health benefits to these types of options.

Offshore fishing is a totally different type of fishing. Anglers pursue the big game fish aboard modern and sophisticated and light tackle vessels. These fast and efficient fishing machines, come completely equipped with electronic and other fish locating devices to enable the avid angler a fighting chance against the speedy blackfin tuna and wahoo. An adventure like no other, offshore fishing is considered to be fishing at its finest.

Key West Fishing Spots

Fishing the waters of Key West offer the fishing enthusiast with multiple options. By deploying various methods the avid angler can constantly catch game fish from the coral reefs and artificial wrecks which can be found in plenty here. Some of the popular fishing spots which you can access for reefs and wrecks are included here.

American Shoal Reef Bridge Spans and Concrete

Joe’s Tug Boat

Hoyt Vandenberg Steel Ship

Key West Tournament Reef

Cayman Salvage Master Steel Ship

Stargazer Reef Steel Structures

Other popular Key West public fishing spots are the bridges and piers listed here:

Park Channel Fishing Bridge

Shark Key Fishing Bridge

White Street Fishing Pier

The best thing about fishing in these parts is that you can satisfy your fishing needs many times over. Apart from the many prime spots listed above the beaches of Key West are great hot spots for fishing. There are 5 good beaches in Key West and all of them are good destination spots, which makes for a fantastic day of beach hopping.

The Great Heron National Wildlife Refuge is one of the oldest parks in the nation and comprises predominantly of backcountry water. The islands within this park are located in Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and have a water area equivalent to roughly 200,000 acres which make it ideal for fishing. Since most of the islands here are closed to public access, fishing here can not only be very profitable but very private as well.

Fishing in Key West is as much fun as the city itself. It is difficult to envisage coming here and not spending at least one day on the water.

Key West Fishing Charters

If the very sight of the elusive permit or rolling tarpon gives you an adrenaline rush, then please do not look beyond Guide Guru as your service provider on your next visit to Key West. This area is known for its world class tarpon fishing opportunities and record breaking sizes of bonefish and permit. Our vetted guides have a firsthand knowledge of this area, having spent a long time here honing their skills in pursuit of these species, in the flats of the lower keys. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice who has never got his feet wet, Guide Guru, along with its experienced team have the skill, patience and knowhow to make for an extremely rewarding and educational day in the outdoors.

Guide Guru is the foremost reliable fishing charter company, successfully operating out of Key West, which has respect and reputation in the whole of Florida fishing community. We encourage parents to bring their kids along because we that they are going to be the champion fishermen of future. Fishing under the open skies brings you that much closer to nature and assists in cementing family bonds.

Just contact us on our user friendly website or call our representative who will be glad to answer to each and every query you may have. We have the best prices in town.

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