Have you ever wondered how to find a good guided fishing charter? When booking a fishing charter in Florida or throughout the country, there are many circumstances that can affect your decisions. Booking a fishing charter in Florida comes down to many things, including location, date, and price. Determine what kind of fishing trip is best for you and your group with the help of our guide to selecting a fishing charter.

To help those of you who are looking for your perfect match in a fishing charter, we’ve put together this cheat sheet to find the best charter for your personality.

Best Fishing Charter for Beginners

4-hour inshore fishing

You don’t have to be experienced to take a fishing charter. The best way to get your feet wet is to start with an inshore charter. Inshore charters stay within a mile of the mainland and keep the shore in sight at all times. Although you stay within the Intracoastal area, protected bays and inlets, there is still plenty to catch and plenty to see!

Best Fishing Charter for Casual Anglers

6-hour nearshore fishing trip

Not too many people know what nearshore fishing entails. Exploring nearshore waters will take you up to 9 miles from the shore where you can experience fishing in sea wrecks, rock outcroppings and more. If you’re not quite ready for deep sea but ready for a new adventure, catch more variety of fish than inshore with a nearshore fishing charter.

Best Fishing Charter for Adventure Seekers

8-hour offshore fishing charter

Offshore charters are for those who are looking for a once in a lifetime experience. Putting 20-60 miles between the boat and the shore give you more opportunities to fish a large variety of fish in reefs as well as larger fish as the water deepens. These deep sea charters are your chance to reel in large grouper, mackerel, tuna or billfish and more.

Best Fishing Charters for Kids & Families

4-hour inshore fishing trip

Fishing is a great way to get kids outside, unplugged and teach them new skills. Keeping kids busy throughout the process is a key, so a quick boat ride inshore is usually best. Even when you’re not casting and catching fish, there is the opportunity to keep an eye out for dolphins, manatees and other wildlife during a new and fun activity kids will never forget.

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