Envision your next corporate retreat and team-building exercise. Imagine joining together with your colleagues on a sunny day, listening to the sound of the waves against a boat, and enjoying the scent of fresh Florida air. 

For your next company outing, take your team out on a bonding experience that they won’t forget! From team-building activities to fun memories being made, a chartered fishing trek is the perfect corporate retreat or company offsite activity.

A chartered fishing trip is the perfect corporate retreat

Chartered corporate retreats like fishing treks offer a unique, enjoyable way to bring together professionals from your workplace to bond over a shared experience. Once you book your company fishing trip, our vetted guides and captains will take care of everything. Your team can relax and enjoy the experience, focusing on your company’s goals – no hassle required.

For your next corporate retreat, create memories that will last for years, proudly hanging on the company wall.

Playing together enhances workplace cooperation

A company office fishing trip or corporate retreat can lead to team-building in the workspace once you’re back on shore. If you give your employees the chance to help each other out by reeling in a fish, or bonding over a funny anecdote, you’ll likely see that cooperation extend to the workplace.

Allow your team to spend quality time together outside of the office, in the sunshine, while our guides take care of all the details. Having the chance to spend this informal time together will allow employees to trust one another more, which leads to enhanced workplace cooperation and communication.

Spending time outdoors improves morale

Your corporate retreat is more than just a way for employees to relax off the clock together while fishing. A chartered fishing trek can give your employees a much-needed boost in mood and morale. Why? According to a 2010 government estimate, the average American spends 90% of his or her life indoors.

Spending time outdoors is scientifically proven to help relax the mind and improve performance back in the office. Increased vitamin D production improves mood, as does exposure to natural light. One study even suggests that being outdoors helps to improve concentration. And research has shown that spending time outside results in better sleep – which means employees will be well-rested when they head back to the office after your getaway! Bring your employees together for a company fishing trip, and the results will be visible.

Award top performers or incentivize employees

Take your top performers on a chartered fishing trek to help create a more close-knit company atmosphere, or offer a corporate retreat like fishing as an incentive to motivate your employees. A company offsite fishing trip will give your employees the chance to spend time together and bond informally. A chartered company fishing trek can both teach an employee how to fish, and help build your company to last a lifetime.

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