If you have recently booked a charter through GuideGuru, you may be wondering if your reservation is going to get cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Or, maybe you aren’t even sure if it would be safe to go fishing anymore. The Coronovirus has left millions of people wondering asking those same questions about all types of planned events, here’s what we have to say about it in regards to fishing.

Trust Your Gut

First and foremost, go with your gut. If you have a planned trip to go fishing and you’re not sure if you feel comfortable sticking with it, reach out to your guide and voice your concerns and ask questions. Many guides have taken many precautions to keep themselves and their guests safe, including stocking their boats with hand sanitizer, wearing gloves, and using disinfecting cleaning agents to clean their boat in between trips.

In addition to inquiring about what precautions guides may be practicing, don’t hesitate to ask your guide if they or any one they have been in contact with has recently been sick and be sure to tell them if you have recently been sick, too. We wouldn’t typically recommend asking someone such a personal question, but in the case of a pandemic, it is appropriate.

Two is a Party and Three is a Crowd

If your scheduled fishing trip was going to be a group of people, whether that’s friends or family, you should consider slimming the trip down to one or two other guests to follow CDC guidelines. Think of it this way, less people to split the fish with!

Cook Your Catch at Home

Even if you still wanted to go to a restaurant for a sit down meal whether they prepare your fresh fish for you, there’s a chance they won’t be open for sit down business due to social distancing rules. We recommend being extra safe and reducing your public exposure and preparing it at home. If you have a fishing trip planned, be sure to do a little research about preparing fish at home and stock up on those ingredients (examples to get your mind working: blackening seasoning, cilantro, breadcrumbs, tartar sauce and lemons) at the grocery store.

Look Up Local Rules

If you will be going into another county or city to go on your fishing trip, check the local government’s website or Twitter page to see if they have any special rules in place about public activity. Some governments are limiting activities to only essential activities, so it would be good to know what limitations you might face when driving into a new area.

Most importantly, stay safe out there.

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