Types of Deep Sea Fishing in Florida

When you are interested in learning more about fishing, a good first step is determining what kind of fishing experience would best suit you and your group’s needs. Find out more about inshore, near shore, and offshore fishing in our convenient guide, or browse available deep sea fishing trips in Florida near you.

Read on for our Beginner’s Guide to Florida Deep Sea Fishing!

Deep sea fishing is a type of open water fishing in waters exceeding 30 meters in depth. Deep sea fishing in Florida offers anglers opportunities to catch large sports fish that can’t be landed in shallow waters. Going further offshore means you’ll have a better chance of catching sports fish like grouper, wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and marlin from the Florida coasts.

There are three common ways that anglers can enjoy deep sea fishing in Florida. When it comes to selecting a type of fishing to practice, there’s no right or wrong answer – just whichever one is right for you and your group.

Bottom Fishing in Florida

Bottom fishing, as the name suggests, involves catching fish from the bottom of the sea floor. This is the best way to catch snapper, grouper, amberjack, and many others. Artificial reefs, too, are great places to target for getting a better catch and variety of fish species.

Trolling for Fish in in Florida

Trolling is an act that fishermen use to entice fish to bite, especially in deep sea fishing. The act of trolling involves continuously moving a bait on the surface of water behind the boat. The boat usually moves at a slow speed in a straight line. This is how you catch king fish, mackerel, cobia, and wahoo.

Offshore Fishing in Florida

The most exciting form of fishing is offshore fishing. You go out in high ocean currents, and risk the waves for the chance to catch marlin, wahoo, tuna and mahi-mahi. All the sports species can be found within 100 miles of the shore, depending on the season. Most fishing tournaments focus on offshore fishing, and these four species of fish.

Chartering a Boat in Florida for a Fishing Trip

If you are seriously hooked on deep sea fishing, you will know that hiring a proper boat for the trip is the single most important thing to do. Not only should your fishing agency provide a good boat, the captain should have years of experience in the local area and go out of his or her way to make the trip unforgettable. After all, if you’re going on a day-long fishing voyage, you want it to be worthwhile.

Identifying the right charter company will help you have a better deep sea fishing experience. You must ensure that your selected company has connections to guides with experience with offshore fishing, and knows how to find the area’s best fishing spots. Your level of fishing expertise is also important. Charters for novices and charters for skilled fishermen differ quite a bit. Simply ask the captain what they offer and what to expect.

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