If you have always wanted to go offshore fishing, but have been intimidated about all of the different types of fishing to even know where to start, GuideGuru can help. While there are a lot of terms that you may hear your fellow fisherman friends say, you don’t need to know them to go out, have fun and catch some fish, and you definitely don’t need to know them before you book your first fishing charter. But if you do want a little more insight, we have explained some basic off-shore fishing methods below.


Trolling is very common when fishing in Florida because a lot of delicious fish respond well to this method. Trolling is dropping a line in the water and then slowly driving the boat forward. Fish that people troll for are king fish, mahi mahi, Spanish mackerel, tuna and sometimes even grouper.

One nice benefit to trolling is there is always a little bit of a breeze on the boat.

Bottom Fishing

Looking for a little peace and quiet on the water, bottom fishing may be a little more your pace. Bottom Fishing is just a matter of parking the boat in a place the captain deems worthy, putting some bait on your line, dropping your line down with a weight, and waiting for a bite. Some species to expect include groupers, amberjacks, and various types of snappers.

Sight Fishing

Sight Fishing involves people on the boat to be a little more alert because it is a method of fishing where people see the fish in the water, and then they cast their line in the vicinity of the fish. This method of fishing is used to catch snook and tarpon.

What types of fishing do you want to try out or what is the fish you are looking for when you book your charter? Let us know on our Facebook page or send us a picture of your last catch.

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