Moab Rafting

Moab, Utah River Rafting

Utah White Water Rafting Among the Red Rocks in Beautiful Moab, Utah

Moab white water rafting on the Colorado River is one of the most rewarding activities you can do with friends or family. If you love being outdoors among the red rocks, and you enjoy getting wet you will enjoy Moab white water rafting. Your group will be able to enjoy quality time together combining beautiful red rocks with lots of water, fun, recreation and adventure. And the best part of being in a great area like Southern Utah is that there are plenty of other Moab tours you can engage in before or after your Moab river trip. You have many national parks (like Arches and Canyonlands) and recreational areas to choose from when not enjoying river rafting. So many activities are available in one amazing place.  Other options for adventure in Moab include horseback riding, 4X4 jeep tours, hiking, rock climbing, canyoneering and sky diving. 

What Options for Moab White Water River Rafting are Available on right now?

At least six different Moab river rafting tours are offered right now on All of them are located in the Fisher Towers area of the Colorado River. You can choose a half or full day trip of adventure. You can go in a 6-person boat, one-person raft or one- or two-person kayak. You can pick and choose your Moab rafting trip based on what works for you. Colorado river rafting is an adventure you will never forget! 

All tours will meet at the tour company office.  A shuttle will drive you to your raft location.  Make sure you wear clothes that can get wet like a swimsuit or wetsuit.  Water shoes with a strap in the back are important also. Make sure you do not wear flip flops. Bring your own sunscreen, water and snacks.  Wet bags and life jackets will be supplied for you for all Moab tours. There are different age limits for the different types of tours so please check on the age limit before booking your tour. You may also want to research what fitness level you must have to go on each tour.  Some tours are very short and action packed, while other tours are long and more relaxing. Check on how long each tour is before booking. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your trip departure unless your tour company is picking you up from your hotel.

Half Day Pack Rafting

Join family or friends on a half day pack rafting tour on the Colorado River. Your individual pack raft will be ready and waiting for you. With red rock scenery as your backdrop you will enjoy riding class l, ll and lll rapids as each member of your group controls his/her own raft. But don’t worry-a professional guide will be with your group. This tour is not strenuous and you can be a beginner to enjoy this trip. You do have to be at least 7 years old. The maximum group size is 9. The tour starts at 8 in the morning and lasts about 4 hours.

Full Day:  Half Day Canyoneering/Half Day Pack rafting

If you enjoy variety, you can combine a half day canyoneering adventure with a half day pack rafting trip on the river. This is an excellent way to spend a full day in Moab. The day will begin with a half-day canyon tour of your choice hiking, rappelling and canyoneering. There are a few different canyoneering options and you can choose which one works for you. After canyoneering you will take a break for lunch. Please bring your own lunch, snacks and water. The rest of the afternoon will be spent on a scenic float in your own inflatable boat!   With these lightweight boats, you can choose a section of river that is best for your group – mellow flatwater or fun rapids! This trip has been designed to give you a hiking adventure in the coolness of the morning and finish off with a water adventure in the afternoon when it is hotter.  The day’s technical challenges in the canyon and the adventurous whitewater on the river make it a very challenging, unique and memorable adventure.  Please bring shoes you can hike in. Please bring at least 2 liters of water per person on this adventure.  Maximum group size is 9. The minimum age for kids is 7 and older. This tour lasts about 9 hours total. 

Half Day Whitewater Rafting Morning or Afternoon

If you enjoy being on a boat with your friends or family members sign up for a guided Moab whitewater rafting trip down the ‘Fisher Towers’ section of the Colorado River on six-person paddle rafts. This is an exciting stretch of class II/III rapids and beautiful red rock scenery. A professional guide will be in your boat to instruct and guide you through the tour. Here is what to expect on your outing: You will meet at the company’s office in town where your group will load up the vans and head up HWY 128 to the location the rafts leave from. Once the rafts are in the water you will be required to sit through a safety talk and go over raft paddling techniques. Coast guard-approved life jackets will be distributed to you and you will then get in the rafts and be on your way! At the end of the tour when you get to the take-out area you will get on a shuttle and head back to Moab. Paddle rafts typically seat 6-7 people and a guide.  Moab tour guides will not overload a raft as a safety precaution. This whitewater tour is for those that are reasonably healthy and able to fit into a life jacket supplied by the company. Customers should be fit enough to help paddle the float. Minimum age for this adventure is 7 and up. Start times for the tour are 8:30 am for morning and 2:30 pm for afternoon tours. The total time for this trip is four hours.

Full Day Whitewater Rafting

If you want to spend all day out on the river you can sign up for a full-day Utah white water rafting tour.  This tour also runs down the Fisher Towers section of the Colorado River. You will experience class ll and class lll rapids. You will go in a 6 person paddle raft. Of course, your guide will stay with you the entire tour. You will meet at the tour company and a van will take you to the put in where the rafts are loaded.  A safety talk and check and lesson on paddling technique will take place.  You will be supplied a coast-guard-approved life jacket and then the fun will begin! You will paddle through breathtaking scenery of towering red rock canyons, go through many fun rapids, and enjoy lunch on a riverside beach. Make sure you bring your own snacks, water and lunch. You must be reasonably healthy and able to help paddle the raft to do this trip. Also, you must be able to fit into one of the life jackets provided. This trip is for those age 7 and up. This is a 7-hour trip and it starts at 8:30 am.

Half Day Kayaking Whitewater Trip

If you want to ride in something different from a paddle raft, why not try a kayak? Whitewater kayaking requires a little more skill but gives you more adventure. This tour doesn’t waste any time. It gets right to the rapids and starts right at the first rapid called ‘Onion Creek Rapid’ and straight into the fun. It’s a short but sweet tour. It also follows the Colorado River down through the Fisher Tower’s section of the river. This is a fun section of class II/III rapids that provide some beautiful scenery of towering red rocks along the way. Single and double inflatable kayaks are available for this action packed trip. All the needed equipment and instructions are provided by the guide company. This is a one-hour trip and you can choose one- or two-person kayaks, and this is a more strenuous trip. The maximum group size is 6.  This is for everyone age 10 and over. All equipment is provided. The trip starts at 8:30 am.

Let’s Go!

We hope the above information is helpful for you. With so many Moab, Utah rafting options available you should be able to book the tour that works best for your group. As you know, whitewater rafting is a fun, exciting and exhilarating sport. As with any adventurous sport there are some risks involved. It may be reassuring to know that your professional guide is trained to minimize and manage those risks. The most common injuries on rafting trips are sunburn and injuries that occur on land, especially getting into and out of the boats, so be sure to bring sun screen and follow the guide’s instructions.  Tipping your guide is always a good idea. Most companies recommend 5-$10 tip per person in your group.  

We wish you a fun and exciting Moab river trip adventure! Please click here to see all the exciting Moab trips and book your next adventure with Guide Guru!

Jackson Hole

Enjoying Yellowstone Park Tours and Grand Teton Park Tours in the Age of Covid-19

Enjoying Yellowstone Park Tours and Grand Teton Park Tours in the Age of Covid-19

So, you are tired of being stuck indoors due to covid-19 and you are ready to get out and enjoy nature, right?  If you are reading this, you probably are planning a Jackson Hole vacation and want to enjoy one of the many Jackson Wyoming tours! One of the more popular Jackson Hole activities is to go out with a safari tour guide to experience the scenic beauty and abundant wildlife of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. This blog post should give you some timely, relevant information to help you find the best way to enjoy a Grand Teton wildlife tour and/or a Yellowstone wildlife tour with a qualified Jackson Hole guide company.

Where Should I Stay?

Jackson, Wyoming is a major tourist town where there is an active nightlife and a lot of great restaurants.  It is a tourist town in every sense of the word.  A few months back the town was concerned that there wouldn’t be a tourist season this summer due to covid-19 keeping people away.  However, the city has been flooded with people, who see going to national parks as a relatively safe way to enjoy a vacation during a pandemic. There are reports that around 40,000 people a day are traveling through Jackson, a major gateway town to both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Because of this, staying in a hotel in Jackson will cost you a few dollars during this summer season rush.

If you want to save some money, another option is to stay in West Yellowstone, Montana which is the main gateway located on the west side of the park.  Located just a few miles from the park entrance, it’s usually less expensive than Jackson.  It doesn’t offer the nightlife or ambiance of Jackson but is a great place to stay if you are travelling with children or if you want quick access to Yellowstone.  West Yellowstone has several restaurants and is a good “base camp” for your exploits into the national parks.

If you don’t mind driving a bit and want to be away from the crowds, another option is in Island Park, Idaho.  Renting an Airbnb or VRBO property is a great option to get away from the city crowds and still be close to the park.  Island Park is about 28 miles to the western Yellowstone park entrance. Some families stay in Island Park and visit West Yellowstone for dining options. 

Tour Options in Yellowstone National Park

The best way to have a stress-free experience and enjoy Yellowstone National park is to pick a one of the Yellowstone tours from Jackson.  These private tours will feature a safari tour guide taking you through the park and showing you the geysers, wildlife and hidden gems that most tourists don’t know about.  They also can give you information about the park, its history, geology, and its animals.  If you want to see bears, elk, deer, buffalo, moose and other wildlife, these tours can be a great way to do this.  Most of the private tours will consist of just your immediate group and a safari guide, which should help minimize the chances that you will get covid-19 during your stay. 

Tour Options in Grand Teton National Park

Although less known than Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park is spectacular and Grand Teton tours are a great way to spend the day!  Tours in Teton will differ from the Yellowstone tour since Teton Park tours will focus more on the scenic mountains, wonderful lakes and abundant wildlife in this park. You will explore Jackson, the National Elk Refuge, and Grand Teton National Park on these tours. Throughout these areas, you can see many animals including grizzly bears, black bears, elk, bison, moose, wolves, mule deer, coyotes, trumpeter swans, and bald eagles. You will also get some great views of the Tetons and the surrounding lakes, which is an experience you will never forget!

How Long are the Tours?

Tours usually start very early in the morning (maybe 6 to 8 am) In order to see the most wildlife and avoid the crowds and can last 4-5 hours in Grand Teton or even go all day if you are going to Yellowstone National Park from the Jackson area. If you are going out of Jackson, you can also do a sunset tour in Teton National Park that starts at about 4 pm and lasts until dark.  These tours go out in the mornings and evenings since the animals and birds are most active and visible during these times.  

What Should I Wear and Bring?

Yellowstone and Grand Teton tours can get cold at any time of the year, even in the middle of summer. Depending on the time of the year you go, you will probably want to bring a warm coat, a camera and some binoculars or a spotting scope.  You tour guide may supply these for you to use but you can also bring your own.  Morning and evening temperatures can get quite cold in both national parks, so you should plan accordingly.  

Some tour guides provide snacks and water, but you can also bring your own snacks and drinks.  If you are concerned about covid-19, you may want to bring a mask.  Many tour guides are only taking out private parties this year due to the coronavirus, so if you have a group from 4-8 people or more, you will probably fill a vehicle.

What Will I See?

Experienced tour guides know where to take customers to get the best views of the mountains, the best places to experience geysers, and the best place to see animals.  Buffalo roam like cattle in the park, so you will no doubt see many bison on your tour.  In addition, elk moose and deer are plentiful.  You also have a good chance of seeing a bear or a coyote.  You might even see a wolf, although they are a bit hard to find in the park.

Will I Be Safe Around the Animals?

Please be assured that your Jackson Hole guide will try to keep you safe from any animal attacks.  Although rare, there are tourists hurt each year at both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, usually from people trying to get too close to the animals to get a picture.  Please keep in mind that buffalo and moose are the most likely to attack you, especially if you get between a mom and her calf. Moose and buffalo are about the same size as a horse.  You can’t outrun them! 

Please use caution when approaching any wild animal in these parks.  Remember:  No picture is worth getting injured or trampled for.

How Much Should I Tip My Guide?

Tour guides also know a lot about the park itself and the geology and ecology of the area.  Be sure to ask questions of your guide and get to know him or her.  You could be making a friend for life! Please keep in mind that these guides make their livelihood on taking people out on tours, so if your guide does a great job taking you through the park, it is customary to tip your guide anywhere from 10-20% of the cost of the trip.

How Do I Book My Trip?

Glad you asked!  Our website, has some of the top tour companies in the area that are ready and waiting to show you a good time.  Just click here to see all our wildlife tours in Jackson Hole.  You can also see many other Jackson Hole adventures on our website.  To see all the best Jackson Hole adventures, remember to go to the guru,!