About Guide Guru

Welcome to Guide Guru, the easiest place to find, compare and book the best guided adventures anywhere!

My name is Mike Jamison, and together with my partners Scott Jamison and John York, we have created this website with you in mind. If you're anything like us, you are all about adventure. The three of us decided to start this company due to our experiences trying to find the best charter boat fishing guides to ensure we have a great experience when we are out on the water. But the problem we found is that not all guides are created equal, and we have had some not-so-good fishing trips. As a result, we put our minds together and the Guru was born!

Our idea in starting this service is to give people who are looking for a great trip the ability to compare guides, prices and customer reviews in one central location. We think of our business as being the Airbnb for the adventure guide market.

We are initially concentrating on finding the best Florida fishing charters, specifically:

  • Miami fishing guides
  • Tampa fishing guides
  • Florida Keys fishing guides
  • Key West fishing guides

Florida fishing guides offer some of the best inshore fishing and offshore fishing available in the US. Whether you are tarpon fishing, sailfish fishing, permit fishing, wahoo fishing or tuna fishing, we can help you find the right guide that fits your situation.

We hope that your Florida deep sea fishing experience and all your guided adventures will be an experience to remember because you consulted with the Guide Guru!

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